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  • Andres Vazquez Bastidas UPBC
    Andres Vazquez Bastidas UPBC

    Posted 10 years and 3 months ago

    Andres Vazquez Bastidas UPBC from Mexicali, B.C. comments on Next Steps
    I agree is fundamental preserve the basic needs for water, sanitation, nutrition, health, safety, is challenger for engineering, the people in the world is increasing, needs a form of resolver all basic needs, for a the good quality of life on Earth. Engineer "today" is ready for all this?
  • Andrew Cote
    Andrew Cote

    Posted 10 years and 4 months ago

    Andrew Cote from Enfield, CT comments on Next Steps
    Photovoltaic efficiency can be advanced by a simple design that sets up “One to One Correspondence Junctions” between the P and N stimulated materials that respond to selected frequencies from across the solar spectrum. Compared to current designs,such a junction array uses more of the available band of sunlight, avoids the "band gap" problem and bypasses the eventual energy loss from the absorption of electrons as they transport through the substrate.

    I am searching for a partner to evaluate this design and work with me to come up with a prototype. Please contact me at cote.andy@gmail .com .

    Posted 10 years and 5 months ago

    DAMIAN MONTANO from MEXICO comments on Next Steps
    I think the challenges that engineering will have to face in the future are very important to our lives for the innovation of new methods of obtaining solar energy make it more economical, thanks to the engineering involved in medicine and not there are many diseases could fight cancer.
    before patent a medicine have to do several human trials.
    also is engineering speak as we explore our universe ||
  • Calderon, Francisco
    Calderon, Francisco

    Posted 10 years and 5 months ago

    Calderon, Francisco from Mexicali, B.C comments on Next Steps
    Hello every one did you heard about the water that does not wet?the polymer that changes color with small electrical stimulation? or paint that can detect if food is in good condition?
    All those things exist but we need to think how to use them in our daily life.example:
    the water for clean our laptops or electronics without damage.
    polymer for polarized our cars or glasses.
    the paint for make an application for our cell phones and Know if our food is good or not. I would like to know what you think about this
  • Brenda veyna
    Brenda veyna

    Posted 10 years and 5 months ago

    Brenda veyna from Mexicali Baja california comments on Next Steps
    am a student of engineering in energy at the Polytechnic University of Baja California and I think the future will need to have covered human needs such as the search
      Make solar energy accessible due to lack of oil to look for new alternatives that offer us new options to supplement it and the new challenges we face engineers today will need to work day by day to advance technology .
  • Raul Pina Navarro
    Raul Pina Navarro

    Posted 10 years and 5 months ago

    Raul Pina Navarro from Mexicali B.C Mexico comments on Next Steps
    Nowadays emissions of carbon dioxide are a major problem on health because this damage and contaminating water, oxygen and contributing to climate change.This problem has have many years due to use of fossil fuels as the main energy source, without realizing that we are damaging our planet. Definitely is necessary to find a new control methods of emanation of carbon dioxide. Engineering is working in these methods which neutralize the carbon dioxide, but also how to find new ways to produce renewable energy and not depend on fossil fuels. One of the most efficient methods to control of carbon dioxide is the chemical method which neutralizes and transforms the gas in other element.
  • James Tomich
    James Tomich

    Posted 10 years and 6 months ago

    James Tomich from United States comments on Next Steps
    COMPLICATED SIMULATIONS FALL SHORT. Reconstructing a visualization of the real process in study will accelerate further model modifications for accelerating design and manufacturing to First-time-right!
  • Michael

    Posted 10 years and 9 months ago

    Michael from Peru comments on Next Steps
    I work for an NGO in Peru that drills water wells and installs hand pump systems in remote villages. I would like to know if anyone is working on a hand pump system that is truly a VLOM (village level operation and maintenance) pump. Many systems claim to be, but still require a certain level of skill and tools to maintain. Is anyone working on a tool free system that can be assembled and disassembled by hand?
  • Omar

    Posted 10 years and 9 months ago

    Omar from Mexico comments on Next Steps
    Support Vector Machines implemented in subthreshold VLSI synthesis of translinear CMOS circuits will enable high performance computations at low energy consumption. This will enable embedded artifitial intelligence in information processing, which in fact will enable wereable smart electronics. Floating Gate transistor will reduce the overall complexity of analog circuit design used in these subthreshold translinear synthesis of CMOS low power design.
  • nichole

    Posted 10 years and 10 months ago

    nichole from chicago comments on Next Steps
    what is technology all about to engineers
  • Kevin

    Posted 10 years and 11 months ago

    Kevin from New York comments on Next Steps
    Where can you find types of engineering disciplines?
  • sneha kalra
    sneha kalra

    Posted 10 years and 11 months ago

    sneha kalra from agra comments on Next Steps
    nano tecnology is the future technology.we can make use of nano mites...sense of touch should be there in the future technology.
  • amin

    Posted 11 years ago

    amin from importer comments on Next Steps
    dear sir/madam. i want prouduce. the solar sistem in my country , would you. please advice and help me for lates tecnologe. with best regards. mr.amin. ebrahim
  • Pijush Kanti Nath
    Pijush Kanti Nath

    Posted 11 years and 2 months ago

    Pijush Kanti Nath from Bangladesh comments on What Do You Think?
    I want to make Mechanical Engineering consultancy so how to improve my engineering consultancy please suggest.
  • Muir Kumph
    Muir Kumph

    Posted 11 years and 9 months ago

    Muir Kumph from Austria comments on Next Steps
    The ability to control and access the Hilbert space of many qubits will change forever the kinds of things that can be simulated and computed. The quantum physics is well understood now. See Wineland and Haroche's Nobel prize this year in physics. It now remains an essentially engineering challenge to build machines which are cold enough and have low enough levels of environmental noise to take the prototypes out of physics labs and put them to work in industry and economics. I vote strongly for quantum computing as the next grand challenge.

    A related challenge would be a novel form of cooling which makes achieving the microKelvin or lower temperatures easy.
  • Daniel Radcliffe
    Daniel Radcliffe

    Posted 11 years and 10 months ago

    Daniel Radcliffe from Quebec comments on Next Steps
    I love your ideas.
  • Rajankumthra Patel
    Rajankumthra Patel

    Posted 11 years and 10 months ago

    Rajankumthra Patel from Mumbai India comments on Next Steps
    Hello all, i am writing on the topic of making good clean energy affordable. By creating some type of paynt, ve can use solar energy to power our owens reducing the need to cook potatoes in vedges.
  • lucas

    Posted 11 years and 10 months ago

    lucas from nebraska comments on Next Steps
    if possible is there sch ting as a mix of electornic engineering and nuclear i wish to study the isteps on some of the worlds most life saving medical matchines to make sure lives dont have to suffer.
  • balaji

    Posted 12 years ago

    balaji from india comments on Next Steps
    i have the thirst to do anything new ,,,,,, but i need an ignition ,,,,,,,,
  • Jamie walker
    Jamie walker

    Posted 12 years and 8 months ago

    Jamie walker from scotland comments on Next Steps
    A large gyroscope ball with rotation momentum held by large hydraulic arms acting like a hand on a hand gyroscope only 10000 times bigger! Solution for clean electricity generation solved! More energy output than input surely???