Jianyun Zhang
Jianyun Zhang President
Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute

Dr Zhang Jianyun graduated from the East China Technical University of Water Resources in 1982, and obtained an MSc in engineering from Hohai University in 1987. From the National University of Ireland, he received an MSc in 1992 and a PhD in civil and environmental engineering in 1996.

Jianyun has led research in hydrology, hydrological modelling, flood forecasting, flood control, drought relief, impacts of climate change and hydroinformatics. As Chief Engineer of the Bureau of Hydrology in the Ministry of Water Resources, he oversaw flood forecasting of the whole country during 1998-2006. He also presided over the development of numerous software systems, such as National Flood Forecasting System, and Decision Supporting System for National Flood Controlling. He led the design of the National Flood Control and Drought Relief Command System (NFCDRCS) as well as the technical work for the construction of the system.

Jianyun has led over 20 Key National Research Programs, such as the National Science and Technology Research Program. He received one First Grade Prize and four Second Grade Prizes from the National Awards for Science and Technology Progress. He has published 5 monographs and over 100 papers. He was elected to membership of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2009.