Andrew Simms
Andrew Simms Fellow
New Economics Foundation

Andrew Simms is the author of several books including Ecological Debt and the bestselling Tescopoly. He is a Fellow of nef (the new economics foundation) where he was policy director for many years, trained at the London School of Economics and was described by New Scientist magazine as, ‘a master at joinedup progressive thinking.’ He is also one of the UK’s leading campaigners who co-authored the groundbreaking Green New Deal, was one of the original organisers of the campaign to cancel poor country debt, and devised how to mark the day in the year when the world enters ‘ecological debt.’ He also coined the term ‘Clone Towns’ in work pioneering new ways to revive local economies and recently proposed the idea of ‘National Gardening Leave,’ combining a shorter working week with urban greening. He has witnessed first hand for more than twenty years failed international efforts to solve critical economic and environmental problems, from extreme poverty to climate change. His new book Cancel the Apocalypse: the New Path to Prosperity, newly published by Little Brown in 2013, is the result of his search for something better.