Allard Castelein
Allard Castelein Vice President Environment

Allard Castelein joined Shell in The Netherlands in 1987. For the first couple of years he held roles in trading, sales and marketing. From 1992 he lived and worked in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom in various roles in marketing, planning consultancy, business development and general management.

In 2002 Allard returned to The Netherlands to join the Executive Board of the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij, a Shell-Exxon JV. In 2003 he became Commercial Manager for Shell’s European Upstream business. In this role he led a major reorganisation and change management program. Since mid-2009, Allard is Vice President Environment for Shell. He leads the Environment function and is accountable for strategy, standards, controls and strategic partnerships.

Born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in 1958, Allard graduated in medicine at Erasmus University. He holds non-executive and advisory positions with the World Environment Center, the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association, the X Prize Foundation and The Netherlands 2028 Olympic bid.