John Loughhead
John Loughhead Executive Director
UK Energy Research Centre

John Loughhead is Executive Director of the UK Energy Research Centre, a distributed organisation drawing together 150 academic researchers and some 30 universities which is the focal point of the UK energy research programme. He was previously Vice-President of the Alstom group.

He has been active in energy systems research for over 30 years, developing new generation, conversion and system technologies, and has extensive interactions with UK and international government bodies on energy policy development and new technology deployment. He has recently been appointed the UK-China Science Focal Point for Energy and Renewables.

John is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College, London, where he also spent five years in computational fluid dynamics research. He is Past-President of the UK’s Institution of Engineering and Technology, Fellow of the UK and Australian national academies of engineering, Professor of Engineering at Cardiff University and Fellow of Queen Mary University of London.