Dr Jian Song
Jian Song Honorary Chairman
Governing Board of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE)

Dr Jian Song is Honorary Chairman of the Governing Board of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Chairman of the All-China Environment Federation. He has made tremendous achievements in the fields of control theory, guided missile and aerospace technology, and population control theory. He made significant contributions to the development of S&T and environmental protection in China and he proposed Nation Building through Technology and Education, which is now one of three key national development strategies.

Song’s previous positions include the Vice-Minister and Chief Engineer-Scientist of the Ministry of Astronautics, Chairman of the State Science and Technology Commission, President of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and First Vice-Chairman of Committee on Academic Degrees of China’s State Council.

His academic titles include Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Honorary Professor of the Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Engineering; Foreign Member of Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences; and Member of the International Astronautic Academy.

Honors and awards conferred to Song including: the highest National Award for Scientific and Technological Progress for his achievements in population control study; the Albert Einstein Award; China’s National Natural Science Prize; and the HLHL Award.