NAE Grand Challenges Scholars Program

Becoming a Member of the GCSP Consortium

Interested in the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenge Scholars Program? To develop an approved program, just follow these steps (and click on each link, below).

  1. JOIN THE GCSP COMMUNITY and join THE GCSP LISTSERV to keep up with the latest GCSP information and news!
  2. CREATE A GCSP OPERATIONAL DOCUMENT using this operational document template, which walks you through each of the aspects of creating a GCSP. You might find it helpful to LOOK AT THE OPERATIONAL DOCUMENTS OF SOME OF THE EXISTING PROGRAMS. Click on the Dean or President's name for the page with the link to that institution's operational document.
  3. Connect with a Mentor from our STEERING COMMITTEE who can assist you in preparing your operational document. Contact Dr. Jenna Carpenter (CARPENTER@CAMPBELL.EDU) to learn more or request a Mentor.
  4. Email your completed operational document to Dr. Jenna Carpenter (CARPENTER@CAMPBELL.EDU). The Steering Committee will review it and provide you with feedback (most applicants do a couple of revisions before their proposal is approved). Once the Steering Committee approves your operational document, you are officially a member of the NAE GCSP family!

Need more information or have questions?

Contact Dr. Carpenter at CARPENTER@CAMPBELL.EDU or 910-814-4018.

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