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Our Website gcsp.olin.edu
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Rob Martello, Ph.D. GCSP Co-Director; Associate Dean for Curriculum & Academic Programs; Professor of the History of Science and Technology
Alison Wood, Ph.D. GCSP Co-Director; Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering
Yevgeniya Zastavker Phone781-292-2520
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Long Term Project

The project, on the scope of one semester of work or more, is intended to expose scholars to a particular challenge. We're looking forward to reading about your work in the different areas!

Service Learning

This component focuses and giving to and learning from other people in need. It can be addressed through community service, a focus on education, as well as a demonstrated interest in a challenge to help others.

Global Awareness

You can draw from a variety of ways to address this component. From studying abroad and working on an internationally minded project to driving an issue of global significance, we're looking for a narrative that highlights your awareness.

Entrepreneurial Experience

Consider your experience in Foundations of Business and Entrepreneurship: perhaps you can draw on insights from the class, or point to larger projects, whether that's within or outside of the Olin curriculum. Reflecting on experience in the startup scene or involvement in the Foundry may also lend themselves to further reflection.
Interdisciplinary Experience

Interdisciplinary experiences are a key aspect of both an Olin education and the Grand Challenge Scholars Program. From the introductory experience with Design Nature and Modeling and Simulation of the Physical World to heavily integrated courses such as The Stuff of History, there are many courses that reflect this conviction. How did they shape your experience?