Grand Challenges for Engineering  -  Feb 28, 2015

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For Kids

Hey, kids, it's your future! 

Find out what kids think are the Grand Challenges for Engineering.  Last year, students submitted essays about challenges to the website, and the winning essays are online. 

Learn more about what engineers do and how to become an engineer at, a site for middle school girls and boys, and at, a site for high school students.


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Manisha Shaik, Hyderabad INDIA


thanks a lot to this website!! this helped me to write a essay which even got selected for prize winning!!

karol canelo, california


I think energy is good for the earth

Phil , Colorado


I have ideas for creating an electromagnetic generator that could power vehicles, and if expanded, even homes. Could there be a challenge on creating renewable energy, not just solar energy?

Cynthia Mutscheller, Virginia


Both of your websites for youth favor girls. They should be gender neutral. I'm so tired of everyone trying so hard to politically correct that they over do it. I'm sorry about the rant but my son's lego league team could benefit from these websites but how does it inspire boys when all the info is given by girls and there's flowers on the page?

kayla, balitmore,md


i need good science fairprojects for school this site dont help at all..... email me

De'Ara, balitmore


i think that this site is pertty cool this site helped alot

Sam Burnett, Ruston,Louisiana


I think we need a more powerful enjection for brain tumor.

Braden Hofeling, Arizona


I have not explored the site much, but ive been thinking about cool engineering tools that could be potentially helpful. I do not know much at all about engineering and dont know if this is invented yet, but it would be interesting to see a tool, like a sonar gun that emits sonar waves and maps them out within a certain radius on a screen atop the "gun". Then, there could also be a heat sensor at the base of the gun with the same radius that also maps out what heat signatures there are around the person using the gun.

stephen, san jose


great now make that chip ;/

Habeeb, Dubai


this is a great site,i have been greatly inspired,i have an idea of track-able chip made in a stamp that can be planted on a passport in matter of second,in order to trace a criminal if he or she passes through any airport.

Nathan Bentzen, Colorado, USA


I have been inspired by your website and want to create a better solar energy cell. Do you have any people that could help me?

Shevati Bonari, USA


Is there a possible way to use water to power a car? Or harness the energy released from splitting an atom?

Stacie, Washington, DC


Check out this new, interactive site for kids interested in engineering:

lola, houston


Have any scientest figured out a way to somehow drive or use cars without useing fuel?i'm an eco-person!

Gina Joy Roemer, Clarkston, MI


I'm personally motivated by what I've been reading at your website...I think the six-minute video is great...Relaying your information would be a pleasure for any educator; I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about what the 21st Century will require from all of us budding engineers!

david, argentina


seria bueno que idearan un metodo para crear oxígeno a traves de una maquina que cumpla las mismas funciones que una planta.

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