Grand Challenges for Engineering  -  Mar 01, 2015

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Gagan deep pawar, Mysore


we have the main problem in android mobile that baterry become down quickly when useing the internet in phone we have to develop such a app which mobile can charge when useing the net signal or some unvisible rays energy can be change to electrical energy

m.e.sempill, abbotsford,British Columbia


id like to preface this comment with an appology for my spelling and punctuation or lack thereof. That "frivolous commercialism" as someone put it would be something that those of us humans living in these democratic areas love to bits it is also that which makes our worlds go around. wouldn't that "frivolous commercialism" that we love so much weather because of the way that these things make us feel to own or wear or share with our friends or because these items make us $$ which is again what makes our (many of us living in democracies all over the world) democracies go round, wouldnt it just be that much better if it created no physical waste? potentially cutting down on that environmental impact that comes along with our beloved commercialism would be great especially if we can still keep our "stuff" wether to have or keep or share with our family and friends or wether to have to sell to consumers of these virtual items and/or their services. it is my opinion that anyone who acctually has any vr experience at all that wants to act like as if all this vr social media ,ipones etc. is something thaT MAY be somehow bad for our character development or lack thereof is either an idiot or just someone that has not yet got their small niche in vr completely eaked out yet quartered off sectioned out and sanctioned with all rights reserved for forever and ever but they do however see what can be done and they dont want to let on to you or me or anyone in general in hopes they can get in before the general population "figures it out"

vaughn nebeker, idaho usa


14 year self powering computer chip's. 3.5 volt solar cell,radio active lab glass with 3.5 volt solar cell. totel 7.0 volts. modglear 1/4th" inch sqyare. 14 years till silacon brack up in solar cell



Usage of fossil fuels are responsible to pollution, and we cant expect the present day fuels will be sufficient in future due to increasing population and excess usage of fuels. so, i have an idea based on producing electrical energy from natural energy which is highly efficient and economical

Paul, North Carolian


Would engineering human prosthetics be considered engineering new medicines?

Fransisca, Indonesia


Earth and everything in it was formed from the power of our thinking beyond thinking techniques can provide a major contribution in this world, the development to re-think to recycle every side of life this world has to happen, because we play in one cycle, I think engineering should possess faithful persons themselves in translating and processing itself and its surroundings to provide a major contribution in changing everything for the better, this means all is the development of human resources to the technical level, it would be much more useful because it teaches us to work with resulting in themselves, compared Our group would be great but let's look at the quality of each human being on this earth.

MD Grit, Indiana


Do include the posting dates on all comments. It improves context and provides valuable information for citations and archival purposes.

Ajoy K. Ghose, Kolkata, India


Grand challenges skirt the issue of population explosion which is a key challenge in many developing country.It has also given scant attention to extra-terrestrial habitats for mankind.

Bruce, Santa Barbara


Jerry Fagersten was incorrect in his comments with regard to the water supplies for Santa Barbara. Lake Cachuma has not dried up but has continously provided over 25,000 acre feet per year without interuption. Water is piped from the California Canal at a rate of around 2000 acre feet per year and consitutes a supplemental supply. Santa Barbara's desalination plant was mothballed because it cost too much.

Manuel Luis Aguirre M., Brazil


Meet 21 century challenges, specially -- those challenges must make the world not only a more technologically advanced and connected place, but also a more sustainable, safe, healthy, and joyous -- in other words, better "place" must requires Dooyerweerd 15 categories application, specially the last category that comprises all them. God creates the Universe and the jewel of the Creation is the Earth planet, so wonderfully bio-dynamically balanced that only now, with the large scale man activity and population is generating several urgent to solve problems, such as global heating, water flooding or scarcity, hunger or fat diseases, both food, air and water pollution, human violence, species extinction, missing of life significance. Such human source problems can be solved for human being. We are part and cause of the problem so we can be part of the solution. Providing life significance and purpose is met by rediscovering our relationship with God, our Creator. I think the return of humankind to their origins = their Creator, is the first step to change the wrong destine = disaster, so we can get the best destine = children of GOD. So, I suggest the following challenges: SUSTAINABILITY OF OUR WORLD 4. Manage the Nitrogen cycle 1. Make solar energy affordable 3. Develop carbon sequestration methods 2. Provide energy from fusion 6. Restore and improve urban infrastructure HEALTH FOR OURSELVES 7. Advance health informatics 8. Engineer better medicines REDUCING VULNERABILITIES FOR OUR FUTURE 14. Engineering the tools of science discovery 10. Prevent nuclear terror 11. Secure cyberspace 5. Provide access to clean water ENHANCING THE JOY OF LIVING 15. Return to our Creator and imitate His methods 12. Enhance virtual reality 9. Reverse engineer the brain 13. Advance personalized learning

Thomas Major, Ocala, Fl.


Is there any validity to the argument concerning an upcoming catastrophic polar shift on earth being caused by our solar system passing through the energy system of a black hole destroying earth as we know it?

David Shepard, Coronado CA

"...capture of the energy in the high altitude winds..." 

I believe capture of the energy in the high altitude winds using tethered devices will become the world's number one energy source. More than one engineering approach to this will work, some more economical than any type of fossil fuel, and in quantity far more than enough to supply all the world's energy needs. Although I am working in this field, and am one of the authors of the March '07 publication "Harnessing High Altitude Wind Power", other approaches will also work. The next decade or two will be a very exciting time for engineers working in this field.

Anju, Doha, Qatar-Middle East


There are many indigenous tribes in India who are being robed of their land to make way for new townships etc. I propose making a land equal to the land they have been living in, in a sort of a bubble (above their land) supported by all building services with all other facilities provided. The greens can be hydroponic while the building structures can be materials that can be fitted inside the bubble.

Jimmy L. Butt, St. Joseph, Michigan


I suggest these seven challenges: 1. Developing engineering techniques and procedures for large scale production of vanishing food products such as salt and fresh water fish, shell fish of all kinds, and exotic fruit and vegetables from remote parts of the world. 2.Refiing the engineering techniques for managing the use of our diminishng freshwater resources to assure a continuing supply into the foreseeable future. 3. Apply engineering principals and techniques to the better utilization of our mountains of waste materials as a means of converting these wastes into useful products or energy. 4. Focus on the development of fresh-food production systems that can be located near or in major metropolitan areas, thus reducing shipping and handling costs, energy use, pollution, and providing enhanced taste and quality of these products. By using greenhouse techniques, this applies also to tropcal fruits and produce. 5. Work with plant and animal geneticists to engineer new products that provide maximum nutriets, vitamins, even medicinal values - "pharming," if you please. This is especially critical for the developing world. 6. Continue to fine tune the equipment that applies fertilizer, insecticides, water, using GPS and other techniques to minimize costs, quantities, number of applications, thus producig cleaner runoffs, clearer streams, purer products. 7.Concentrate on greater utilization of nature's renewable energy supplies: sun, wind, ground heat, wave action, and enhanced plant products.

Ken Warburton, California


The developement of nano technolgy so that one can manufacture catalyst with properties like that of Pt so that the fuel cell cost can be brought down. This research is needed immediately so that we can reduce our dependence on oil thus stopping our dependece on far eastern oil. This need is more important than just solving the fuel cell problem. If we are to survive as a civilization, we need to do this as rapidly as possible. When we no longer need foreign oil, far eastern nations will no longer have the funds to support terrorism.

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