Grand Challenges for Engineering  -  Mar 06, 2015

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karmin, sandersville


this helped me lot with me project.

Luis Beck, Germany


Hi, I am sending you the most complete Humanoid Robot list in the World and Interesting issues, it will allow you to lead the technology for the next 30 years: ite/luisbeck0072/humanoid

ravitiwari, gndec ludhiana


to make a better world

Leo Mac Ender, Sweden


Interesting, Do you really taking ad notam about in what I writhing down here? OK, IŽll do it and will see whats comming up. This my Innovations is some of the graitest ever made. LENERGY Power Technique. First my WATER Power. With my technique we can deliver 100-thousends of megawatt from only the Golfstream. I put down in the stream my "arrangement" and they delivery electricity, thatŽs it. To producing this things cost very low. Then my Wind Power. Horizon working blades with 75% higher power than now known technique, it can be INTEGRATED in any building, on land or on water, anywhere. The cost for producing this is very low. Cobined, Water, Wind and Sun will produce many megawatt and all the time, arround the clock. My patent is ok and IŽll see if out there, in the globe, are people who understand this, weŽll see. Best regards Architect Leo Mac Ender

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