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Jaime Lerner Architect and Urban Planner
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Jaime Lerner is an architect and urban planner.  Three-time mayor of Curitiba, Brazil, he led the urban revolution that made the city renowned for urban planning, mainly in public transportation, environment, and social programs.  Mr. Lerner also was governor of Parana State twice and conducted an economic and social transformation that greatly improved the quality of life in the cities and in the country. 

Mr. Lerner has received several international awards, including the highest United Nations Environmental Award (1990), Child and Peace Award from UNICEF (1996), the 2001 World Technology Award for Transportation and the 2002 Sir Robert Mathew Prize for the Improvement of Quality of Human Settlements by the International Union of Architects.  He also spoke in important conferences including 53rd Annual United Nations Conference (2000).  When not in public office, Jaime Lerner is intensely engaged in architecture and urban planning work.